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For current employer-tenants with leased but unoccupied beds

  • This programme will help you reduce your cost for worker accommodation when you allow us to re-assign your unoccupied beds.


  • For each of your Spare Beds that is successfully reassigned, Westlite Accommodation will rebate to you a prorated 50% of the current tenanted bed rental and $50/= per month for adjusted utilities consumption, for the period during which the Spare Bed is reassigned.

*Quick Build Dormitories (QBDs) will not be eligible for utilities rebate as utilities are included in the rental rates.

For employers who urgently need dormitory beds

  • This programme will serve as an interim housing solution for your workers who are scheduled to arrive in Singapore very soon.


  • Westlite Accommodation will temporarily assign your arriving workers with leased but unoccupied beds from other employers until permanent beds becomes available.


  • Minimize any delays in your workers arriving in Singapore when you secure temporary housing for them.


  • Eased you off any pressure for project timelines.

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