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Frequently Asked Questions

Will workers be placed in a unit with the same nationality or mixed nationality?

The dorm operator will try to match workers with the same nationality as far as possible, subject to availability of beds.

I have already applied for my workers to come to Singapore and currently pending the approval from MOM, so I would like to keep the spare beds that I have leased.

As this Spare Beds Programme is on a voluntary basis and not compulsory, you can choose not to opt in to the Programme.

My company has a mixed nationality of workers so we have no one fixed nationality in our unit.

It is common for residents of a unit to be of mixed nationalities, but the dorm operator will still try to house temporary occupiers of similar nationality in your unit.

What happens to existing worker’s (those away on home leave) stuff and locker?

The existing worker's locker should be locked and his items will be stowed safely in the same unit. If stocks are available, the dorm operator will allocate a separate locker to the temporary occupiers.

As a current employer-tenant with leased but unoccupied beds, what is the minimum temporary lease duration for me coming onboard this Spare Beds Programme?

We assume that you would have beds that are expected to remain unoccupied for 1 month or longer, and we hope your commitment will be until your beds are occupied or till the end of your current lease.

As a current employer-tenant who need additional beds urgently, what is the minimum temporary lease duration for me coming onboard this Spare Beds Programme?

We are estimating a 1 year temporary lease duration for your new arriving workers, or as soon as a permanent bed becomes available.

If I have a new worker or a worker coming back from home leave, can the dorm operator shift the temporary occupiers out immediately? Understanding the demand for beds in dorms is currently overwhelmed and I need the assurance that my workers will have a place at my leased rooms when they arrive?

Employers will need to give the dorm operator 7-working days notice if their workers are arriving soon, so that there's sufficient time to seek alternate arrangements for the temporary occupiers. This is inline with the current practice where employers give the dorm operator an advance notice of workers returning from home leave regardless.

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